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Lagarta - Animação Turística is your gateway to an Azores experience. Lagarta has tourist suggestions to help make your stay memorable: from its base in the city of Ponta Delgada, Azores (Portugal) we provide predefined and custom tours within the city for tourists and visitors to the southern coast of the island of São Miguel. This pages allows visitors to discover emblematic locations and interesting experiences that will help you appreciate the unique Azorean experience. These include places like the famous Lagoons of Sete Cidades (in the caldera of the same name) and the Port of Caloura (situated along the southern coast), both landscapes of particular beauty. Lagarta also suggests tasting some of the uncommon gastronomy and pastries of the island, symbolized by various meat, fish and seafood meals and iconic pastries and sweets.

What to Eat? Sweets

The cuisine of the island is not limited to savoury dishes: here are some sweets for your taste buds.

"Massa Sovada"
A kind of sweet and popular bread for feast days and popular social events! Whether fresh from the oven, toasted and/or accompanied with butter, cheese or jam, it's hard to stop eating at one slice.

A typical sweet associated with Carnival and special events, this confectionery is similar to Algarvian “filhós”, a fried pastry, topped with a mixture of icing sugar and cinnamon. Mandatory!

"Fofas da Povoação"
Do you like chocolate? Don’t want to waste time counting calories? A cake with an eclair-like pastry, a vanilla filling with lots of butter, sugar and a shy strand of chocolate on top. Yummi

"Queijadas da Vila [Franca]"
Do you like chocolate and don't worry about counting calories? The Povoação puff pastry is an éclair-style dough filled with a sweet vanilla buttercream filling and chocolate frosting. Yummy!

Azorean Jams
Looking for a good jam for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert? In São Miguel you will find a variety of flavours, with regional ingredients that complement breads, pastries or, generally, as a topping for whatever your desire. Ready for a snack?

"Mulata" Cookies
The "Mulata" cookie is an Azorean version of the "Bolacha Maria” cookie but with chocolate! Can't go wrong! Take packages with you to delight yourself in discovering all the corners of the island of São Miguel.